My part of the social equation

Ever wonder where exactly you fit in? It could pertain to work, it could pertain to family, or friends, but do you ever look around and think, “Why am I here?” “What am I doing?”

Everyone is talking about changes. Yeah, so it’s a new year. I purposefully didn’t make any resolutions this year.  I have some things I’d like to be more disciplined with, but the biggest thing for me is getting comfortable in my own skin. That may sound crazy but sometimes I’m sitting and working and wondering if I really make a difference. What does it all mean? But then it kinda hit me…the thing I’m super passionate about in a business sense, is seeing other people grow from what I do.

I’m a huge Seth Godin fan. One point he’s made over and over is that marketers are marketers whether they’re being paid for it or not.  Which equates to me that marketers are marketers because they’re pretty much born passionate.  So, then a sense of relief comes.  I’m who I am because I get all excited about the biggest and smallest things. Transfer that over to my business, I can never fail.  I’ve never set out to be a huge influencer. I’m better suited as a lover of things, people…experiences. And when we get all excited and talk about those things, people…experiences, there’s a natural cause and effect.

I just started working with Cami Back. She is the founder/owner of this amazing idea/website called Get Out Mom. When she called me…we sat down over lunch so I could hear about what she has going on, and the passion in her eyes over helping moms get out more, and work on their own terms got me just as excited as she was.

The premise: Moms post what they love to do. Women and other moms post what they don’t love to do. They can hire back and forth. So working moms and stay-at-home moms and even women who aren’t moms, can support one another.  Her website launches next month, and I’ve seen it. It’s brilliant.  Seriously. Brilliant.

It’s not only about doing what you love to do, it has huge relationship building potential!

So, yeah, she’s a client, and I want to see her blow up. I want to see this reach as many moms as possible. Because in the spring, I want a garden…I want a garden with tomatoes and flowers. I can barely keep a plant alive. No green thumb at all. Guess where I’ll be going to hire the person who will be planting this thing for me? You got it. She picks the hours…even if it’s two hours a week or six hours a week. It gets her out of the house, doing what she loves to do. Get it?? Check it out!

The whole point of me letting you know about Get Out Mom, was because I was hired by Cami (I’m pretty sure) because I got just as passionate and excited about her idea as she was.  And that’s where I fit in. I fit in with people who want to lift up other people, and that’s what she does.  In the midst of me making changes this year, hopefully, I can help change lives…and so can you. Love. Life.

5 Responses to “ My part of the social equation ”

  1. Erin Johns says:

    I love you! You make my day brighter when you write like this :-)

  2. Kyle Hodges says:

    Brilliance. We need more people to make connections to others and learn from others as we all grow together. Kudos.

  3. Joel Kirsh says:

    Lindsay….great and fantastic article! I know Cami and her family. Our sons play sports together. We have talked about this fantastic idea and I am excited for the endless possibilities for her. With great people like you on her side, there is no question in my mind that many blessings (for many people) will be forthcoming. I wish Cami and you the very best.

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