My stupid social media rant…because I can

I was having a meeting earlier this week with someone I’d never met before. He’d stumbled across my website somehow and decided he wanted to chat me up about doing some writing for some of his clients. Awesome. That was only one aspect of the conversation.

This company happens to be an IT company trying to do social media marketing. This kills me. It pains my heart. I was ranting on Twitter the other day…yes, it happens when a) it’s close to shark week, b) I’ve been in front of my computer too long, or c) I see more idiot people who can’t run their own businesses successfully, decide they’re going to “get into” the “social media marketing” business because someone told them it’s a way they can make money.


Back to the meeting: This individual shares that he’s having a hard time “selling” social media. (Honestly…at this point, I wanted to slap him.) ps…if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. I’m being honest.

Why did I want to slap him? Because IT companies SHOULD NOT BE doing the job of MARKETING COMPANIES!!! EVER!!! YO, do you know why you have a hard time “selling?” Are you on Twitter or Facebook? Are you making movements and gaining ground? Are you so passionate about something that people get you? I wouldn’t believe that this guy could do anything for my company. Of course there is a hard time selling.

As a matter of fact, half the new “social media” shits out there really can’t do what it takes, and I’m pretty fed up with the people who fail doing their own thing, suddenly decide to become marketers. It gives marketing a bad name. Say it with me: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING IS ONLY ONE ASPECT OF MARKETING. An IMPERATIVE one, but NOT the ‘be all, end all.’

This isn’t an easy job. It’s taken years to gain the experience and knowledge I have. My response to his question, “Do I have a hard time “selling” social media?” No, I don’t sell it. When people call me, they’re ready to do business…write a check and get it done, because they know they have to incorporate change in today’s business world, and they know I love it and I’m passionate about it. Period.

What are your thoughts about the emerging social media businesses?

7 Responses to “ My stupid social media rant…because I can ”

  1. You go, girl! LOVE this post!

  2. Brian M. Alvey says:


  3. Marshall says:

    I love this. So many people are trying to get into social media, and no offense, but it’s not for an IT person anyway. Rant on…

  4. Carissa says:

    Not a stupid rant at ALL! Sounds like this yahoo deserved it. Whether it is web design, social media =, or even marketing in general….anyone CANNOT simply pick it up and start selling it. Either you are so good people seek you out or you are not worth your weight! You don’t need people like him…

  5. PJ Christie says:

    It is not much worse than how web design was in my early years. When we had tools like Front Page and browsers like Netscape. They were dark days.

    These tools we are using to build reputations, discuss products, communicate with customers. Not any of them are very good channels for communication. You get 100 people to like your Facebook, 50 of them want to receive coupons and 50 of them see it as an intrusion.

    With so much confusion in the social tools, it’s no wonder we’ve got so many tools trying to get into it. They are all guessing because they don’t understand social capital. And you can’t spend social currency without it.

    I tell my clients we are going to fight and outhustle your competition. You are going to be important. You are going to be so far in front that they will never catch you.

    Or else just do Front Page, but leave my name off it.

  6. lindsay says:

    Thank you all for reading and your comments. Happy to see professionals are with me. I’m ready to outhustle. Bring it on.

  7. Writer Chick says:

    I think there is just a real trend lately of successful social media folks now creating courses and convincing people that social media is easy. It’s not. Just like anything else you have to learn the ropes and understand how it dovetails into your marketing approach. Good rant!
    Writer Chick

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