The Management Files-It's Time to Shift

So, this morning on my way to work, I already knew I was going to post about management today. I mean, I guess I should say I was going to pose the question to the SI community about what qualities you look for in someone that makes you say, “I love my boss,” or “I love the company I work for, everyone there is cool.” When we think about managers, or management styles, what type do you work most effectively with?

This came to mind when one of our Slingshot candidates came to us yesterday and was a little frustrated over the way his manager was treating him. In this person’s view, it was a little bit like Jekyll and Hyde. One minute, he felt like things were alright and going great, the next minute, he felt like he was really being come down upon. (do those words go together?…i think you get it, right?)

Needless to say, some managers just don’t know how to take the heat when it comes down from the top, and it’s easy to take out their own sense of insecurity onto those they supervise. This is to be expected to a point, however, the best managers out there are able to recognize the pressure and shift. This is not anything that I know to be statistically true, but I believe that there are more people out there that respond to positive, constructive instruction, rather than feeling beaten into conformity. (For all you Lushin-ers out there, think, critical parent, loud and clear.)

So, this is a time of stress. It’s stressful for alot of folks. All you managers out there, I encourage you to put an extra effort in today, and in the coming weeks to creating a positive, reinforcing work environment for your team. I will go ahead (in my limited wisdom :-)) and say that I have a feeling, you will see a positive result in your goals all around.


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