What Inspires You?…To Screw The Box

Let’s talk a little bit about inspiration, innovative minds, intentions of accomplishment, and Indiana. Every day I am here, every person I meet, every life I can contribute to, I am amazed by what Indianapolis has given me. The people I have met and friends I have made through Smaller Indiana and Rainmakers, have exceeded any expectation I may have had. To me, THAT is exciting.

I am from a fairly small town and as a child growing into a teenager I knew I wanted to be in an area that nurtured culture and innovation. I was the girl who wanted to be the Rock Star AND the CEO, who wanted to find her niche and stake her claim. While I have committed to BOTH of these dreams, I know they may sound crazy, but let’s think about it, what good has ever come out of being inside a box? Do you get that? My dear friend, Nikki Lewallen, is constantly saying, “Manfredi, your motto should be go big, or go home.” It makes me laugh. But I mean, how are we THINKING? What do you have INSIDE YOU that is great that we all need to know about? What are you holding back?

Could you conceive for one minute that you may have the next cutting edge idea but may not know what to do with it or how to get it started? Here’s the thing, I know for a fact that there are more crazy people out there. (Lorraine Ball…:-)) I know there are people right here in Indiana with great stories that need to be heard, innovative ideas that need to be shared, and brilliant minds that dare to dream anything is possible when intentions are set and commitments are made. Yeah, Pat Coyle got this and decided to put us all in one room, INCLUDING YOU!

I am STOKED to be attending the Smaller Indiana, Bigger Ideas Conference on June 24th. I know that I can’t wait to see what is going to come out of this meeting of the minds! How exciting to be able to see and hear new people speak. How exciting to be able to open yourself up to learning new concepts and supporting new ideas. My challenge to YOU…SCREW THE BOX! We all have things inside that could be of contribution to our community. FIND it! BE it! I encourage you all to get your tickets. Be heard, and be a part of a community that wants to support one another. I’ll see you there.

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