Your Facebook Page For Your Business Sucks

Okay… let’s have a little chat.

You’ve started a business, band, brand, whatever, so you decide you need to be on Facebook for a million OBVIOUS reasons. You set up a personal page for your brand that has the first part of the brand name as the first name, the second part as the last name. This sucks.

I happened to bring this up last week at Blog Indiana on my panel on Social Media and Craft Beer. I’m seeing more and more of this. Here’s why it sucks.

ALL brands, businesses, and the like should stop wasting their time on pages that are meant for PEOPLE. Here are a few reasons and please, add to them because I’m only listing a few.

1. Most businesses, brands or bands, end up doing business and promotions for one another at some point in time. If my band, who has a fan page, is playing your venue and you have a personal page, we are unable to tag you in any posts. It’s too much of a pain in the ass to friend businesses. It’s so much easier to “like” the page, then tag it to cross promote.

2. You can only add up to 5k friends on a friend page. So, unless you don’t want to grow beyond that 5K… However, you can have unlimited fans with a fan page… and yes, the folks still get your updates.

3. Fans can comment on your updates without a notification ever three seconds about others who have “also” commented on your status update. I love to comment on Lady Gaga or P90X or FitFluential‘s questions or updates… however, if I have to get a notification for the dozens, sometime hundreds of other comments, I’d quit Facebook altogether. Be fan-friendly, please.

4. Stats are automatically built in. Do you want to see how many people are actually seeing your posts or who is talking about your brand? Facebook fan pages have that all built in. And, when you do want to advertise, you can easily target a market and do it. You CAN’T promote a page made specifically for personal persons… (I know you like that one…)

If these reasons aren’t enough to get you to change your ways, I don’t know what is. In short, if you are guilty of this, please stop. It sucks for people who want to tag and promote you but can’t.

That is all. Questions? Comments? Go!

2 Responses to “ Your Facebook Page For Your Business Sucks ”

  1. Twinkle says:

    Dude – This is so right on. Thanks for posting this quick and to-the-point explanation of WHY brands, etc. MUST do this for better social media success.

  2. There is one reason that trumps all of these reasons:

    It’s against the Facebook Terms of Service.

    Violating somebody else’s terms of service is like causing a scene at a restaurant. You may not be breaking in any laws, but they can sure kick you out.

    So, don’t violate the Terms of Service!

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