There are many keys to building online. Blogging, creating content, social media and time investment are some of them.  Unfortunately, not everyone has content creation as a core competency.  Heck, many of you don’t even have the time. That’s where Linzstar Inc. comes in.  I work with individuals and organizations, create a strategic content creation campaign that will work in alliance with the goals they have set, and take action to reach that goal. I do this through blogging, consulting and social media management.

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Ghost Blogging

Maintaining a consistently updated blog takes a lot of time and writing skills.  That’s why it makes sense to hire a freelance writer to assist you in getting your message across and online (where your customers are).  Here’s how it works…

  • I speak with you to determine the best success strategy and learn about your business.
  • produce great blog content.
  • Potential clients check you out.

Social Media Management

Without regular management, social media becomes just another buzzword time-waster. Rather than saying, “Forget it,” let me help you get on your feet. I make it easy to maintain a presence on your social networks of choice.  For example…

  • manage and grow your Twitter account SMARTLY so you can focus on your business.
  • promote your blog posts throughout the social web.
  • I strategically direct social media traffic to your website.
  • I help grow your business by creating meaningful conversation and relationships.